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SEA CONTACT TOW MK11 by Whetman Equipment

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$14.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Sea Contact Tow MK11

Short contact line for quick close  contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak.

Quick release stainless cam buckle with cord.
Adjustable length.
Port & Starboard colour coded webbing.
Two snag free Whetman Equipment Kraken karabiners.


Images show a Sea Contact Tow MK11 with the new
​Whetman Equipment Kraken karabiners and featuring the new stainless buckle; this incredible buckle has been designed from first principles by Whetman Equipment.

An original Whetman Equipment product.

Made in the UK.

  • Contact Rescue
  • Kayak retrieval
  • Kayak rafting
  • Towing
  • Kayak leash