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Limpit Sea Throwline 14m by Whetman Equipment

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$14.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

throwline for the sea

Designed specifically for sea kayak rescue

Throw from a kayak to enable a reach rescue

14 metre floating braided 6mm line

                      An original design by Whetman Equipment


Compact light bag makes throwing from a kayak easy

Flared top makes repacking simple

Captured loops at each end ready to connect

Internal sliding float.

Effective as a drogue

Belt loop to fit the Water Belt

​200 daN max working load


To throw

Practice throwing into narrow gullies.

First make sure the line end is connected to a quick release element on your kayak or Water Belt.

Undo the velcro tab

Hold the bag in your throwing hand and hold the paddle in your other hand as a counter balance. 

Throw overarm and with practice the full 14 metre length will extend.