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KIT KATCHER by Whetman Equipment

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$14.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Kit Katcher 
The Kit Katcher has a front facing mesh pouch and one facing backwards (towards the paddler). The primary purpose is to capture and stow spare paddle blades and prevent loss of the paddles. Advancing waves in surf or tide races can wash over the deck and push the stowed paddles backwards  and the mesh pouch will capture & prevent any loss of paddles off the deck.
Kit Katcher Dimensions
38cm width from left to right accross the deck and 30 cm length (front to back) with the divider at mid point 15cm.

The rear facing pouch will hold a camera, or the Limpet throwline etc for quick access whilst still being low profile & allowing a mapcase to be positioned over the top.

                      An original design by Whetman Equipment

Fitting the Kit Katcher
To fit, on each corner there is a cord loop to tie off to the deckline mounting points this keeps the base of the Kit Katcher tight and flush with the deck. There is also shockcord at each corner to thread through the deck mounts to tie off with appropriate tension; the shockcord is long enough to double back and tie together providing an extra elastic cord over the top of the Kit Katcher for map stowage.